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Jen Gets Shit Done Terms and Conditions

This website agreement, herein after the “Agreement”, is between you and Jen Gets Shit Done. Use of Jen Gets Shit Done, hereinafter “JGSD”, signifies your agreement with all the terms and conditions of the agreement. If you do not agree with the set forth terms and conditions of the agreement, do not go further into the web site, and do not submit images for retouching.

Conditions of Use:

You agree to read the terms and conditions carefully before submitting any work to JGSD. Continued use of JGSD indicates your acceptance of such terms and conditions.

JGSD Material Rights:

By submitting images for digital retouch, website design, processing, culling, or any other JGSD service, emailing JGSD, its employees or authorized agents, you grant JGSD the right to copy, produce, transmit, modify, display and edit any communication or images received through use of JGSD STRICTLY FOR THE PURPOSES OF COMPLETING YOUR ORDER. No images or communications will be displayed, shared, modified, reproduced or transmitted without your explicit permission and appropriate copyright credit.

You acknowledge that you understand all Federal Copyright/Trademark laws, and that all images, materials and/or communications submitted to JGSD (by you) do not violate such laws. JGSD is under no obligation to use any communications or images that are submitted by you for any purpose.

You agree that you WILL NOT SUBMIT ANY IMAGES TO JGSD FOR WHICH YOU DO NOT HOLD COPYRIGHT, OR FOR WHICH YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER TO DO SO. You agree that JGSD has the right to request proof of copyright if any submitted images are in question of copyright violation.

Privacy and Security:

JGSD uses reasonable measures to ensure the protection of communications, images and billing information submitted to www.jengetsshitdone.com. JGSD uses SSL encryption to secure all payment information. You acknowledge that communications and images submitted to JGSD are not inherently confidential and may be read or intercepted by UNANTICIPATED third parties. You agree that if such interceptions occur, JGSD is not liable in any manner under all applicable laws and jurisdictions.

Billing and Submission:

You agree that all billing/shipping information that you submit is accurate. You agree that you have reviewed your billing/shipping information and that you deem it accurate. You agree that you have not created multiple accounts in an effort to defraud JGSD of any promotions or deals or to deceive JGSD in any way. You also agree that you will notify JGSD upon any change in billing/shipping information. You will be held liable for all additional billing or shipping costs that may be incurred due to inaccurate billing/shipping information provided by you. Such costs include, but are not limited to additional postage, photo lab fees, collection and attorney’s fees. You agree that any additional cost must be paid in full before final image delivery will take place. JGSD is not liable for any delay in services or products that result from inaccurate billing/shipping information.

You agree that any additional fees or discrepancies in pricing will be invoiced before image deadline, and all remaining balances must be paid in full prior to image delivery. Pricing discrepancies may include, but are not limited to multiple people in images, excessively dirty sensor cleanup, fishnet stockings (retouching holes or cleaning up indentations), mirror shots showing subject and reflection in focus, hard directional lighting that accentuates blemishes or cellulite, erotica, harsh tan lines, and high noise/grain content.

Refund Policy:

Refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis. In the event that a request for refund is submitted, all avenues of problem solving will be used before any refunds are given, such as re-editing images. No refunds will be issued for services provided beyond a period of 30 days.


JGSD provides these terms and conditions “as is”. JGSD maintains the sole right to revise these terms and conditions at any time. JGSD reserves the right to terminate such agreement any time without any notice to any such user. JGSD, employees, and authorized agents under no circumstances shall be held liable for any damages or any unforeseen damages that may result directly or indirectly from any communication and or images that are submitted for personal Non-Commercial and Commercial Uses. JGSD shall not be held liable for any communications or image that may be received by an unanticipated third party.

Our Promise:

JGSD serves professional boudoir photographers, and we understand the importance and sensitive nature of this industry. We want to provide the best customer service, quick timelines, and positive experiences while building relationships with you, our favorite people. These terms and conditions are an added layer of protection to cover our biscuits in the case of an unfortunate event or unforeseen problems. We value you, your clients, and your trust, and will continue to do everything we can to help your business succeed and grow. If you have any problems or feedback, let us know so that we can adjust accordingly.