What do these images have to do with anything? Nothing, they just make me smile.


Starting at $6 per image

If you are scared of outsource your retouching, don’t be! It’s massively beneficial. It saves you time, gets you a mental break from your clients so you can stay excited about their images, and lessens your load. We specialize in boudoir retouching, and work to match your style and preferences.

Worried about letting go of control? Everyone is. But we are skilled, fast, and professional. We do the foundation work on the skin and body, so you maintain complete control over the creative and color work.


Starting at $1500

Squarespace, WordPress, SEO, plugins, hosting, domains, OMG it’s madness! You are photographer, it’s okay if you aren’t also a web designer, or have any comprehension about what any of it means. We can get you a shiny new site, or perk up the site you already have.

Workflow Customization

90 Minutes – $275

After living with undiagnosed ADD for 31 years, I got really good at efficiency. I mean, I had to! Now that I have whipped my brain back under my control, I am even better. Workflow comes so naturally to me, and I want to help you save time and get your shit together. Through my many proven methods and flexible tips, we can find the kinks in your system and get you running smoothly. And it won’t suck as hard as you think.

Whatever your holdup, I can help you find the tools, systems and mental strategies to kick more ass. Includes a roadmap and strategy plan.

Wacom Mentoring

60 Minutes – $175

Wacoms are the Universe’s gift to photographers. These bad boys will literally change your life, yet so many photographers buy one, get freaked out, and never use it again. If they do use it, they likely aren’t using it to the full potential. Don’t do that. Those behaviors cause me gut bubbles.

They really aren’t as scary as you think. This 1-hour course will get you totally set up, with options customized to your specific needs. You will learn how to manhandle your settings, make changes on the fly, find the right nib for you, and start to edit like a boss. If your editing time is not greatly reduced after mastering your tablet, then you must be a sorcerer.

Mini Mentoring – Brain Booster

30 Minutes – $100

I know stuff. I know all sorts of stuff. Why does your wacom do that weird circle thing when you click? What’s the best backup system? How is a nice way to respond to a client’s shitty email? How can you make yourself stay on track? What is the name of the actor that played Steve Urkel? Sometimes you just have questions, and I can help you answer them.

In quick and easy 30-minute chunks, you can ask me anything. Retouching technical questions, website review and design advice, pricing number crunching, file handling, workflow tweaks, or even just idea bouncing – we can cram as much brain boosting into your 30 minute video call as possible. Purchase just one, or add on a couple back to back, either way I’m all yours.