New & Improved Image Submission System

New & Improved Image Submission System

It absolutely bums me out that our previous system turned out to be such a pain in the ass, and I hate making you all learn a new system. BUT! I completely rebuilt it from the ground up and this one is a full million times better, and much simpler and easier to use. Plus it has pretty colors 🙂

Files will continued to be transferred via Sync.

Here is a quick (5.5 minute) video of the new system from start to finish. And OMG I am so sorry about the cricket chirping, don’t stab me.

If you prefer to read instead of watch:

From anywhere on, click on My Account and login, then click on Retouch Submissions. Or you can bypass the My Account option and go directly to  You will need to be logged in to be able to see your dashboard, and your login will be the same as the previous system.

This is your new Client Dashboard. From your dashboard you can access your current and past projects, invoices, a quick view of the calendar and an overview of your projects. You can also access the full Calendar from the top navigation.


The Overview section isn’t entirely helpful, as it is an overview of all projects rather than months and sets. The quick view calendar will show you all upcoming sets in your project. Hover over the sets to see the information, and click on them to be taken to your project.

Projects will hold all sets for each quarter of the year, and are broken down into months. Current projects will be shown on the dashboard, and previous quarters will be stored in the Completed Projects tab. The progress bars shown here aren’t important – the top bar shows the percentage of submitted sets that are finished, and the bottom bar shows the percentage of the quarter that has passed. Click on the current project to see months and sets. You guys, it’s about to get real sexy.

Your project overview will be the same for every quarter. This is your personal retouching preferences as well as internal notes for our reference. If any of this information needs to be updated, please let us know! We can upload and share documents in the document section. The Project Progress section is the same as you saw on the dashboard, as well as the number of completed months in the project (it says 4, the 4th month is hidden for admin use) and the number of uploaded and completed sets. You will also find any invoices connected with your project here, as well as on the dashboard. Nice and accessible.

Scrolling down you will find the months of this Project, each named for the months in the quarter. The progress circle indicates the percentage of submitted sets that are complete. The progress of each set is shown with the color bar – a solid color bar indicates the set is finished, and you will receive an email letting you know the images are done. A partial bar means they are in progress or nearly done. And an uncolored bar means the set has been received. (and don’t freak out if a set doesn’t have a partially colored bar but is coming up on deadline – we won’t usually update that until we are close to being finished with them)

Each month will include a sample set as a reminder of formatting for you. Please submit sets with the title format:

Client Name – # images (special details)


To submit a set, click on Add Set. Fill in the Set Name, assign it to Retouching Manager, and choose your requested return date. Please keep in mind we don’t return on weekends, so if you choose a weekend date the images will come back the following Monday. Click Add Set to submit. It takes a few seconds for the set to be added, so only click the Add Set button once. Easy. As. Pie. (which isn’t easy to make, only easy to eat, that’s a dumb saying, I regret using it)

Hovering over the set will give you two editing options – the green pencil will re-open the Add Set box so you can adjust details. The blue arrow will open a sliding information section. This is where you will add your notes. Notes make the world go round. And if you have nothing to say, just tell us you love us, it makes our day.

Add your set notes to the Discussions tab. We love notes 🙂 The Documents tab is not necessary. We can share comments on the set through this Discussion tab.

We can also share comments and documents on each month…

as well as on the project overall. And of course I’m ALWAYS available via FB messenger to chat, because I truly love chatting with you.

Going back to the top of the page, the Calendar tab will give you a full look at the upcoming sets in your project. Completed sets aren’t shown. Hover over any set to see the information on that set, the % completed, and click on it to take you back to your project. The Sets Tab will show you any upcoming sets assigned to you – since you will be assigning all sets to the Retouching Manager, there shouldn’t be anything to see here.

Returning to either the Dashboard or your Project, you will see the Invoices section. Invoices will be sent out twice a month, on the 15th and 30th, and will show up in your dashboard. Click on the name of the invoice or on the Pay button to open up the full invoice and make a payment. The invoices will also get emailed to you, and will remain in your project so you have easy access for your records.

The invoice is pretty and I love it 🙂 You can pay via paypal or credit card, see the breakdown of each set, and see any revision history.

Also, great news! The mobile version of this system is GREAT. You can add and edit sets at any time, leave notes, pay your invoice, or just look at all the pretty colors.

And that’s it, friends! Thank you for being so patient while I sorted out the best system and got it all fixed up.

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