Image Submission Policies

RAW Processing:

We accept the following file formats for ALL work we do: JPEG, PNG, TIFF

We accept the following file formats ONLY for culling/RAW Processing: NEF, CR2, DNG, ARW, ORF, RAF, PEF, SRF, SR2, SNW, PTX, RAW, RW2, SRW, RW1

If you are submitting unprocessed RAW images for retouching, that constitutes RAW Processing + Retouching. Please check all appropriate boxes for work required and payment in those instances. A processing fee of 30% will be added to all invoices for unpaid RAW Processing fees (30% of RAW Processing fees, not total retouching rates).

Turnaround Guidelines: 

Standard turnaround time is approximately one week, with a minimum of 5 business days. Turnaround times are dependent on number of images, level of retouching, and amount of retouching required. All sets requiring less than 5 business days are considered a rush, and rush fees apply. Please note that we do not return images on Saturdays and Sundays. Submissions requiring a weekend deadline may be accepted with special permission and will incur an additional fee.

Images submitted after 4pm EST will be considered as submitted for the following business day. Keep in mind that if you submit multiple sets due within the same time period, the total number of images will be counted for the turnaround time, and may affect our ability to deliver within one week.

Example: Images submitted on Wednesday evening will be considered submitted Thursday morning. Typical turnaround has them delivered the following Thursday, and any due date before Wednesday would be considered a rush.

All submissions that do not meet these turnaround standards will be considered a rush job, and rush fees will be invoiced. 

Thank you for remembering that we are people, not machines.

Flexible Return Dates

Flexible return dates mean the images may be returned up to 48 hours after your requested return date (but we will still do our best to meet your initial request!). Being flexible with your requested return dates helps us to prioritize our queue, stay balanced, and keep more calendar days open, and it earns you $.10 off per image.

Return Dates:

Unavailable dates signify image capacity has been reached or there is scheduled time out of the office.

Return dates and times are approximate and not guaranteed. If you need your images by a specific date and time, please include that in your notes. We will always do our best to return images on or before their return date. Flexible deadlines help us accommodate and prioritize, get to bed before midnight, and keep more availability open. Again, thank you for remembering that we are people, not machines.

Image Upcharges:

Strobe & challenging images can now be paid for upfront. This $.50 extra charge helps cover the extra time that strobe images and challenging images take. We will still invoice for the difference if necessary, but this will make that far less frequent.

Additional fees will apply on a per-image basis for:

  • multiple people in images (couples boudoir)
  • excessively dirty sensor cleanup
  • fishnet stockings (retouching in holes or cleaning up indentations)
  • mirror shots showing subject and reflection both in focus
  • hard directional lighting that accents blemishes or cellulite
  • pronounced tan line blending
  • erotica (please give notice before sending erotica sets)

Any additional fees or discrepancies in pricing will be invoiced 2-3 days before image return date, and all remaining balances must be paid in full prior to image delivery.

Retouching Team:

Please know that Jen Gets Shit Done is a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals. There is a man on the team, so if your client requires a female-only team, please let us know in your notes. All images are quality controlled and finalized by Jen for consistency. All team members sign an in-depth privacy and confidentiality agreement, which is available upon request.